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Unfortunately, this step cannot be automated due to limitations imposed by Apple.   They have purposely designed iOS so that powerful applications that do Content Blocking and other phone-level customizations require a manual user step to fully enable.
Call Cleaner lets you easily view and search numbers it has flagged as spam.

For security and privacy reasons, Apple does not provide applications with call history info about which incoming calls were blocked or identified.    We hope Apple finds a way to securely provide this info in a future iOS update.
Call Cleaner does allow you to add spam numbers and to report spam numbers to us.   These reports will be reviewed for inclusion in future app updates.

Note that Apple provides a standard way to block individual phone numbers that may be more appropriate for non-spam calls.
Absolutely, Call Cleaner let's you easily search for and unflag numbers that should not be marked as spam.

Call cleaner also has a reporting feature to easily report numbers that are not spam and should not be blocked by the app by default.    These reports will be reviewed for future app updates.
A few things to check:
  1. If the phone number is already included in a contact in your phone's address book, that takes precedence and iOS will not block the number.  Remove the number from your address book or block that specific contact in your address book.
  2. Start Call Cleaner and ensure that it has been activated in your phone's settings.    Call Cleaner will report its detected activation state on the main screen.
  3. During our testing of iOS 10, we identified a bug where Call Blocking would stop working after restarting some models of iPhones.   We have reported the bug to Apple and hope they will fix it soon.
SpamRank is a relative scoring of how likely a call is to be spam.   Calls with a low scoring such as ⛔️ have only received a small number of spam complaints. Calls with a high score such as ⛔️⛔️⛔️⛔️ have received a very large number of complaints.
We would love to support these older models and OS versions, however Apple only supports new secure and seamless Call Blocking and Identification features on iOS 10 and on newer phones with 64-bit processors.
Use the Add Number feature to add another phone number that you control, then make an incoming call to your phone from that phone number.
Voicemail functionality is handled by your cellular carrier (e.g. Verizon, AT&T).   Apple has designed call blocking to only keep your phone from ringing, they do not prevent the call from going to voicemail.    Manually blocking numbers in your contact list does the same thing.    We hope Apple finds a way to add this feature in a future release.
The numbers are curated from a U.S. Government call complaint database for unwanted calls.
We will provide frequent updates through updated versions of the app in the app store.
Neko-san is a very good boy.

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