Meet Call Cleaner

Instantly identify and block over 32,000 (and growing!) unwanted telemarketers and robocalls - set it up once and forget it!     When an incoming spam call is identified, Call Cleaner can block the number or display a SpamRank score to indicate how likely the call is spam.

Unlike existing apps that work by accessing personal info in your phone's contact list, Call Cleaner uses the newest Apple API's introduced in iOS 10 to seamlessly and securely manage spam calls.

  • Download from App Store
  • Requires iOS 10.1+ and an iPhone 5s or newer
  • Seamless: One of the first apps ever to integrate directly into your iPhone's standard Phone app
  • Easy: Effortlessly identify or block over 32,000 spam numbers - all in just a few clicks
  • Effective: Spam numbers are curated from a popular consumer complaint database
  • Evolving: New spam numbers are added in frequent app updates at no cost
  • Secure: iOS security ensures that Call Cleaner never has access to your incoming call info, contact list, or any other personal data on your phone